Bridge Capital

focus on growth Bridge Capital  is an exclusive investment boutique operating in CIS and Baltics.

About us

Bridge Capital, subsidiary of Bridge Capital Canada Corp., is an investment banking boutique with extensive experience offering corporate finance advisory services for companies in the Baltic States, CIS region and CEE.

We operate as an advisor to our clients in mergers or acquisitions, privatization processes, seeking to invest into new assets or wishing to sell their businesses.

Bridge Capital are advisors focusing on servicing our clients all the way throughout the process - from the very beginning of an investment or sale decision to a successful outcome, including always present all transaction-specific details, custom tailored solutions, support and help in complicated situations and personal assistance.


Bridge Capital with its experience and expertise within the Baltic and CIS regions have assisted a range of clients representing financial, industrial, real estate, energy, health care and other industries.

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Every case Bridge Capital undertakes, one of our partners is personally involved throughout the entire process.

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