Bridge Capital

driven Not just clients, but success stories in multiple fields from real estate to finance.

We present a selected list of credentials of Bridge Capital and its partners in the Baltics:

Parex bank

Acquisition of Industrijos Bankas
Financial sector
Buy-side advisor

Gaz de France

Acquisition of AB Lietuvos Dujos
Member of advisory consortium

Dividum Oy - London & Regional Properties

Acquisition of Neringa Hotel
Real estate – hotels
Buy-side advisor

Ugland Family

Western Repair
Shipyard Shipbuilding - ports
Buy-side advisor

Quinn group

Avrora, Russia
Real estate
Buy-side advisor

MG Valda / Invalda

Acquisition of Cetniecibas Pasaule
Real estate / retail
Buy-side advisor

Dializes Centras

Acquired by BBraun
Sell-side advisor

AirBaltic Corporation

Lithuanian operations deployment